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Hiring In-Home Help

Most family caregivers reach a point when they realize they need help at home. Tell-tale signs include recognizing that your loved one requires constant supervision or assistance with everyday activities....

Community Resources on Aging

One of the best places to start looking for community resources on aging is your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA). Every county in the United States has an AAA,...

Adjusting to Caring for Your Parents

The majority of the adult children caregivers are women taking on yet another aspect of the traditional role of caring. One major difference is that the kind of resources and...

Hands-On Skills for Caregivers Caring for Someone with a Brain Disorder

When you are a caregiver, finding time to take care of your own physical needs is difficult enough, but taking care of the physical needs of someone else is even...

Tips for Planning Ahead

It is important to make informed decisions about end-of-life care choices. If you haven’t done so already, call us to schedule a tour of our facility. We will provide you...

The Impact of Caregiving

Providing caregiving to one person can have an impact on multiple lives. While caregiving can have a positive impact on the person receiving care, it can also add stress to...

Caregiver Depression: A Silent Health Crisis

Every day you wake up, get dressed and immediately attend to your dying father’s needs. You feel as if you have not focused on yourself or your marriage in months,...

Coping with Grief and Guilt as a Caregiver

Taking over the caregiving duties of your aging spouse can be overwhelming. You may be experiencing many emotions as the reality of what is to come next settles in. It...

Accepting Help from Family and Friends

It sounded like a great idea initially. You would be the primary caregiver of your loved one or parent. You knew it would be a lot of work, but you...

Caregivers Accepting Help from Family and Friends

As a new caregiver for a loved one, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities you have. Caring for an elderly loved one...