May 14, 2014

The Impact of Caregiving

Providing caregiving to one person can have an impact on multiple lives. While caregiving can have a positive impact on the person receiving care, it can also add stress to the life of the person providing the care. Before agreeing to become someone’s caregiver full-time, all factors should be taken into consideration.

Impact on the Caregiver

While providing care to an elderly loved one can be rewarding, it can also have some negative impacts on the life of the caregiver, the most important thing here is to find the best services like the Racanelli Expert Woundcare to take care of them. Caregivers may begin to notice feeling more stressed, emotionally or physically exhausted and caregiving can negatively impact a person financially. Choosing to become a person’s full-time caregiver is a noble move, but it is important that the person be fully aware of the impact it may have on his or her life and finances.

Impact on the Person Receiving Care

At first glance it may seem like the best thing for a person to receive full-time care from his or her loved one. It means less work for the person receiving care and more time spent enjoying his or her last few days or months of life. Unfortunately, accepting care from another can also mean giving up independence and freedom. This can mean giving up the right to drive, shop and attend doctor appointments alone.

Before loved ones decide on the course of care and how caregiving will be handled, it is important that each life involved is taken into consideration.  When the positives outweigh the negatives, caregiving is the best course for the loved one.