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Navigating a Life-Limiting Illness

AuthoraCare Collective is here for patients facing life-limiting illnesses as conditions worsen and affect all aspects of daily life. We are available as a resource for patients, their families and caregivers as new needs arise. During this exhausting, confusing experience, we can answer your questions and offer guidance and choices to make the most of limited time.


Here When Illness Advances

As an illness progresses, AuthoraCare can be there to help manage and minimize painful symptoms. Our care extends to those with any life-limiting illness, including cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), kidney disease, liver disease, dementia, HIV/AIDS, stroke, persistent coma and many other conditions.

AuthoraCare can help you source practical equipment for in-home care like a hospital bed or help you obtain specific needs like oxygen or pain management medications. For patient care outside the home, AuthoraCare offers inpatient care at Beacon Place or The Hospice Home.

If you are not ready for hospice care but need help navigating an illness journey as either a patient or caregiver, palliative care can help.

Do you think you or your loved one could benefit from a hospice care consultation?

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