Thriving Under Pressure Part One How to Manage Stress as a CaregiverAdvance Care Planning – How to Share What Gives Your Life Meaning

Understanding comes from knowing. Caregiving can be quite challenging. “Thriving Under Pressure” is a three-part webinar series that will explore the many facets of caregiving. Part one on May 9 will discuss ways caregivers can recognize and manage the stress this important role can bring, empowering the caregiver to be their best for those they are providing care for.

Advance Care Planning – How to Share What Gives Your Life Meaning

Understanding comes from knowing and Advance Care Planning is something that many have heard about, but few have done. This webinar will explain what Advance Care Planning is, why it is important for everyone, especially when we are well. Palliative Care also will be explained and the role it has in helping those with serious illness make decisions and have difficult conversations to be sure each person’s wishes are followed for their care.

Identifying and Addressing Social Isolation

Social Isolation is not always well understood. For those whose social activities are diminished due to limitations related to aging or declining health, the impact of social isolation can be devastating. Power comes from knowing and this webinar will explore Social Isolation, including what it is, who is at risk, and ways to address it and increase quality of life.

Women’s Heart Health

Understanding comes from knowing. February is American Heart Month and for women, cardiovascular disease impacts many and is a leading cause of death. This webinar will discuss whole-person care for those living with heart disease.

Veteran Caregiver Support and Resources

Understanding comes from knowing. Each veteran and their caregivers deserve to receive the full benefits and resources available to them. Often caregivers are not aware of all of the services available and how to access them. Power comes from knowing and this webinar will focus on caregiver support and resources to ensure each veteran family is well-informed and well-served when care is needed.

How Volunteering Can Change You and the World

Understanding comes from knowing. Volunteering provides many benefits for the volunteer and for the recipient of the volunteer’s service. Volunteering is at the very core of being human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help. This webinar will discuss volunteer opportunities at AuthoraCare Collective, how to become involved, and how you may benefit from the experience.

Loving and Understanding Someone with Addiction

Loving and Understanding Someone with Addiction Now Streaming On-Demand | Originally Aired 8-15-2023 Understanding comes from knowing. Many people love or know someone living with addiction. It is a complicated...

Dementia, What to Expect and How to Prepare

Understanding comes from knowing. Those providing care for someone with dementia have questions about how the illness might progress and how to provide the best care possible. This webinar will discuss different types of dementia, decisions that often need to be made, common medical concerns and available resources.

An Honest Conversation About Mental Health

Understanding comes from knowing. Many people struggle with mental health issues and illness at some point in life, but it is something that we often do not talk openly about. Power comes from knowing and this webinar will discuss mental health, the stigma around getting help, the benefits of seeking treatment and available resources.

The Role of Faith in End-of-Life Decisions

Understanding comes from knowing. For many, faith is a part of life. When end-of-life decision making is being discussed, faith can provide formal and informal support and resources. This webinar will focus on how faith can be a part of planning for end-of-life, providing comfort to ourselves and our loved ones, and ensuring wishes are known and followed