June 11, 2014

Tips for Planning Ahead

It is important to make informed decisions about end-of-life care choices. If you haven’t done so already, call us to schedule a tour of our facility. We will provide you with a complete overview of the services we offer. Remember to discuss your thoughts, concerns and choices with your loved ones. Make sure that the end-of-life care choices you are making follow your loved one’s wishes.

Talk to your family about the choices you want to make. Have you thought about completing an advance directive? If you have not, make sure to talk to your attorney to understand your choices. Remember to discuss your choices often, especially when your medical condition changes. And, always keep your advance directive in an accessible place. Give copies of the signed original to your health care agent, doctor, family, friends and anyone else who may be involved in your health care decisions.

For more tips on planning ahead and other helpful resources, visit AuthoraCare’s caregiver support page.