April 3, 2013

Will Keeping a Journal Help Me Heal?

Journaling can help you express your feelings, especially when you are grieving. The journal is your confidant, close friend and trusted companion. What you say there is private.

Remember to be honest with yourself. Write whatever comes to mind. Don’t cross anything out or worry about making complete sentences or grammatical corrections. Just write your feelings and thoughts as you experience them.

Journaling 2

Be sure to date your entries so that when you go back and read your journal, you can track your progress. Don’t feel pressure to write daily if you do not want to, but don’t be surprised if some days you have multiple entries.

As you reflect back on what you have written, you will be surprised at your progress. You can look at the feelings you were experiencing and see that you have passed through several stages, dealt with different emotions and overcome many difficult experiences.

Writing your thoughts down in a journal, will help you understand that you are in a different place now. You will realize that you did not stay stuck in one place forever, even though that was exactly how you felt at the time.