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April 21, 2021

Is My Child Grieving Normally?

By Tracy Hart, LCMHC Children tend to respond to death very differently from their adult family members. Kids Path counselors... Read More

July 23, 2018

Supporting a Bereaved Person through Traumatic Loss

In the wake of a sudden, unexpected or otherwise traumatic loss, effectively supporting a bereaved person can seem difficult or... Read More

November 29, 2017

Your Holiday Grief Toolkit: Piecing Together a Holiday without your Loved One

There is perhaps no milestone so daunting for the newly bereaved as the holiday season: a time typically spent celebrating... Read More

May 23, 2017

50 Practical Gestures to Help a Grieving Friend

When comforting someone who is grieving, how many times have you said “If there’s anything I can do. . .”?... Read More

October 19, 2016

In a Crisis, Spiritual Resilience Can Pull Us Through

This year’s theme for Pastoral Care Week is “spiritual resilience.” What does it mean to be spiritually resilient? How can... Read More

July 30, 2015

Five Things to Know About The Grieving Teen

Adolescence is always difficult, but adding a loved one’s serious illness into the mix can make this time even more... Read More

December 11, 2013

Coping with the Death of a Parent

Losing a parent is a process and adjustment. If you spent the past few weeks or months caring for your... Read More

October 9, 2013

Discussing Loss and Grief with a Child

After the death of a loved one, children will grieve. Grief is a normal reaction to loss and change. With... Read More

September 11, 2013

Your Journey Through Grief

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be a very difficult experience, emotionally and physically. You may be... Read More