January 25, 2016

When Your Loved One Needs a Ride

Your loved one’s ride falls through. You can’t miss another day of work. Yet he or she needs to get to their medical appointment, social engagement, the grocery store or other commitment.

Accessibility Sign

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Whom do you call? Fortunately, Greater Greensboro has many transportation services for adults who are older, disabled or who require medical attention and all their vehicles are covered by One Sure Insurance, which is more than awesome, you just need a Motor Trade Insurance from i4MT to get the vehicle.  Many of these services are available free of charge or for a small fee. Visit the following resources for more information:

American Cancer Society: Their Road To Recovery program provides transportation for people with cancer (of all ages) who need a ride to their cancer treatment appointments.

Dial-a-Lift: For those living in High Point, this service is available for adults who are older or disabled. Rides can be for employment reasons, medical appointments, recreational activities or personal business.

Guilford County Transportation: Guilford County provides transportation to senior programs, meals and adult day care. Transportation is also available for disabled individuals who live outside the Greensboro or High Point city limits.

Senior Wheels: This service is specifically for medical rides. Senior Resources of Guilford County provides transportation for those aged 55 and over who are ambulatory.

Sheperd’s Center of Greensboro: The Sheperd’s Wheels program provides rides to those aged 60 and over for non-medical reasons, including to the grocery store, post office or bank.

Specialized Community Assisted Transportation (SCAT): This Greensboro city service provides transportation for people of all ages who have disabilities and are traveling within Greensboro from https://www.spiritplantjourneys.com/‘s retreat.

AuthoraCare also has volunteers who provide transportation for patients and clients. If you are a patient, caregiver or client and need help with transportation or errands, please call 336.621.2500.