May 21, 2012

Calendars: A Caregiver’s Best Friend

Organized schedules for caregivers are extremely important.  Some people have an innate need and skill of being organized – others do not.

5 Calendar Tips to Keep you Organized to Stay Stress-Free

  1.  Consolidate your calendars.  Do you have a calendar on your work computer, refrigerator at home and on your phone? Make it all one.  Take advantage of technology these days and sync all your calendars on to one account. This will help you to remember all your commitments without over booking!
  2. Use color-coding. Do you write cryptic in your calendar, figuring you will remember what you meant when your reminder pops up? But then – you can’t remember if that phone call was with your boss or your mother’s physical therapist.  Color-code your calendars so you know exactly which part of your life is happening when. I use blue for personal, green for work and red for family.
  3. Learn to say no.  Remember, you can’t do everything.  You may want to make cookies for your daughters Girl Scouts troop meeting, but with your own doctors appointment, visiting your father at the nursing home, picking up the dry cleaning and finishing that big report for work – just getting your daughter to the meeting may be challenge enough.  It’s okay to realize you can’t do everything. You’re still a super mom.
  4. Share the tasks with family. Sometimes asking for help can be the simplest, yet hardest thing to do. Ask your teenage son to pick up dinner on his way home from football practice or ask your spouse to stop by the grocery store after work.  Freeing up one task a day can often be the key to a stress free week.
  5. Write in time for you. Schedule time once a week that’s just for you.  Whether it’s a half hour or two hours, make a date with yourself.  Treat yourself to a quiet walk in the park or a movie you’ll enjoy.  Caring for everyone else can often overshadow the need to continue care for your self.

Information pulled from Easier Living Blog