June 23, 2021

Beyond the Casserole | How to Truly Support a Grieving Person

Beyond the Casserole

How to Truly Support a Grieving Person

Now Streaming On-Demand | Originally Aired 6-22-2021

After a loss, a casserole delivered to a grieving family can be a comforting gesture. However, many of us want to support our grieving friends and family on a deeper level, but we do not know-how. Social distancing makes meaningful connection even more challenging. While grief support is not easy, it can be simple. Join us for this Power of Knowing presentation to learn concrete ways to support those who have experienced a loss.

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Learning Objectives

• Learn about the challenges of supporting someone who is grieving
• Learn how to provide meaningful support through words and presence
• Learn about gestures that are appreciated by someone who is grieving

Meet Our Panelists

April Herring is the Community Education/Outreach Coordinator and Faith Community Liaison for AuthoraCare Collective. She coordinates community-based educational programs and provides outreach focused on promoting awareness and relationship building through partnerships and collaboration. Years of working as part of the hospice interdisciplinary team, being a caregiver recipient of Hospice services and being a long-time Hospice volunteer, enable her to bring personal, real-life experience into her work. April is an ordained minister and serves as Associate Pastor of Godly Faith Christian Center in Greensboro.

Risa Hanau, LCSW is the Clinical and Community Educator at AuthoraCare Collective. Risa is a seasoned presenter and teacher in the area of end-of-life and ethics. She is a member of the Cone Health Ethics Committee. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by training and holds a Master of Social Work from The University of Pennsylvania.