May 15, 2013

A Word About Grief and Healing

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598086.tifA reminder to us that the “work” of grieving is leading us somewhere; that eventually the emotional exhaustion and struggle help move us through the pain of loss and toward healing.

“However grief works itself out in individual lives, it is a remarkable process. At sad, even heart-breaking times of people’s lives, it leads them from the security of what-used-to-be toward the possibility of what-can-yet-be. Grief doesn’t cover up and smooth over what happened. Grief exposes it to the light so it can be dealt with and worked through, as much and as fully as possible. Grief doesn’t lead a person back to their former life. It leads them forward to a new or renewed life. It doesn’t patch things together; it helps bring healing. Grief doesn’t fill up the holes, it leads to greater wholeness.”

from “A Man You Know is Grieving” by James E. Miller and Thomas R. Golden