November 5, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Teens

The Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Teens

Now Streaming On-Demand | Originally Aired 10-29-2020

Understanding comes from knowing, which is why AuthoraCare Collective and the Alamance-Burlington School System have partnered to present an informative webinar on helping children and teens cope with the pandemic.
Children and teens face many challenges on a day to day basis, including grief and loss, as a result of many things including illness, trauma and social determinates of health. COVID-19 has added another layer of grief and loss for children and teens which needs to be understood, recognized and addressed.

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Learning Objectives

1. Understand what grief and loss is and how it affects children and teens
2. Understand the grief and loss that COVID-19 is causing in children and teens
3. Learn about available resources and ways to help children and teens

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Stephanie Wolfe is board-certified in neurology with a special concentration in children, and specializes in pediatric neurology as the lead pediatric physician with Kids Path. A former special education teacher and a parent of a child with special needs, she is passionate about helping her patients and their families address challenges compassionately and collaboratively in all areas of their lives, using the best evidence-based treatments. Empathetic, open-minded and collaborative, she strives to address all areas of a child’s functionality and not just their need for medication.

Norma Thompson is a 6th and 7th grade school counselor for Graham Middle School. She received her Master’s Degree in School Counseling from NC A&T University. She has been with the Alanabce-Bulrington School System for over 17 years. As a counselor, she supports students with personal and social issues, helps them explore career options, and provides support contributing to their overall academic success.

Patti Gasparello serves as the Director of Kids Path for AuthoraCare Collective. She received her Master’s in Social Work from UNC Chapel Hill and her BA from Duke University. She has worked in the Child Welfare and Mental Health fields throughout her career. She has worked with Kids Path since 1993.

Risa Hanau, LCSW is the Director of Education at AuthoraCare Collective. Risa is a seasoned presenter and teacher in the area of end-of-life and ethics. She is a member of the Cone Health Ethics Committee. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by training and holds a Master of Social Work from The University of Pennsylvania.