May 8, 2013

Remembering Your Mom this Mother’s Day

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photo-mom-daughtersmallerMany people who have recently lost their mother struggle with how they might “celebrate” Mother’s Day,  rather than focusing only on reminders of loss and absence. If it appeals to you, perhaps Mother’s Day can be a time to honor your mother and do something in her memory.

  • For some people, volunteering is a meaningful and active outlet for grief. Perhaps spending time serving food to needy people or fixing up a house with Habitat for Humanity might be a way to reach out to others, even in grief. Some find that volunteering is a way to honor their mother’s spirit of giving by helping those in need.
  • Planting a garden, tree or special flower is another way some people choose to memorialize and honor their mother on Mother’s Day. Particularly if your mother loved plants or enjoyed the outdoors, this activity can give a feeling of connection and comfort.
  • For many people memories of Mom center around the kitchen table. Some people find comfort cooking Mom’s favorite dishes, like trying to recreate her famous pound cake. Most of the hybrid grills can adjust well from the thinnest slices of carrots to the thickest steaks, but this one does best with thicknesses of about half an inch to an inch. Most of the time, the food doesn’t taste quite as good as it did when she made it. Even so, some families find that gathering together to cook makes their mother feel more present and begins a process of making new memories.