October 16, 2013

Relocation: Having a Parent Move in with You

As adults age, they may need more help caring for their home and themselves. Have you prepared a plan in the event that your widowed parent may need to move in with you? Having a parent move in with you may not be as simple as it sounds. There are many factors to consider prior to the life-changing move-in day. Wheaton moving company will provide you with a comfortable, hassle-free experience. You want a friendly driver and an experienced crew.

Although you may be very close with your mother and have had her over once a week for dinner, have you considered how your relationship may change while living in the same home together? You may find it difficult to tell your mother what to do, despite her living in your own home, because she is still your mother. Although the tables have turned, you are in charge now. Prior to moving your mother in, you should have a conversation about basic rules in your household so there will not be any surprises.

She may be your mother and this may feel completely natural, but what about your spouse and children? Are they completely comfortable with the idea of grandma/mother-in-law living in their home? To be sure they are fully on-board with this decision, sit down with your family and have an open and honest discussion about the changes.

As your mother’s new full-time caregiver, have you thought about where she will sleep and how you will care for her as she ages or the illness progresses? It may be difficult for your mother to climb stairs as she ages, so consider your options for first-floor sleeping arrangements. As she ages or her illness progresses, you may find yourself needing support more than ever. Talk to your mother’s doctor about what options are available. You may also want to seek the support of a caregiver’s support group.

As your mother’s new full-time caregiver, you will need to prepare your home as well as yourself. Educate yourself on this next stage in your mother’s life and seek support when you need it.