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Talking to Children about Serious Illness

Five Myths, Debunked When there is a serious illness in the family, children need to trust the adults in their family more than ever. Changes can be confusing, from the...

50 Practical Gestures to Help a Grieving Friend

When comforting someone who is grieving, how many times have you said “If there’s anything I can do. . .”? You mean it sincerely—you want to help—you just don’t know...

What NOT To Say To A Veteran

The events that occurred during a Veteran’s military experience can leave a lasting impact. WWII Veterans, for instance, were exposed to weather elements that may have led to long-term health...

In a Crisis, Spiritual Resilience Can Pull Us Through

This year’s theme for Pastoral Care Week is “spiritual resilience.” What does it mean to be spiritually resilient? How can resilience help us through a crisis, like a serious illness...

Five Things to Know About The Grieving Teen

Adolescence is always difficult, but adding a loved one’s serious illness into the mix can make this time even more complicated. The needs of a grieving teenager are unique and...

Talking with Children about Tragic Death

Sudden, tragic loss such as death due to homicide, suicide, or accident presents a difficult situation for caregivers. Adults are often tempted to protect children from the harsh reality of...