June 6, 2013

New Visual Identity Campaign Launched at June Staff Meeting

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June 5, 2012

For more than three decades, Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro (HPCG) has been the trusted provider of comprehensive end-of-life care services for adults and children in Guilford County.

Focus group and market research conducted over the past year as part of its strategic planning process demonstrated that HPCG’s visual identity, including its logo, no longer accurately reflects the role the organization plays in the community or in the lives of those it serves.

Therefore, HPCG’s Board of Directors approved a new visual identity on January 24, which was revealed today at the employee staff meeting. While marketing collaterals, including print and new media will reflect the change immediately, an updated and consumer-driven website is scheduled for later this summer.

“We want to encompass the viewpoint of the consumer as well as the caregiver,” said Paul Russ, vice president of marketing and development. “In the past, HPCG’s visual identity represented our buildings and gardens, but our new logo represents a renewed focus on consumers and their journey through life.”

The new logo also provides a fresh, new look that more clearly differentiates HPCG among other hospice providers serving Greensboro and contiguous counties. It better represents HPCG’s diverse array of services and the care professionals who respond to the needs of individuals.

The use of color and movement enhances HPCG’s story and represents how HPCG surrounds the patient and caregiver with expertise, compassion, resources and solutions. A ribbon weaving throughout the materials symbolizes HPCG’s ability to intertwine the different aspects of hope, compassion care and comfort that blend together to honor and protect patients as individuals.

“We are excited about our new graphic identity.  The changes encompass a viewpoint that is bright, hopeful and strong. Through our new graphic identity, we convey a moment that is being lived rather than lost,” stated President and CEO Pat Soenksen.

According to Russ, “The new logo will raise visibility and reinforce HPCG’s position as the leading resource for advanced care services. It is distinctive and provides a visual impression of the depth of services provided by HPCG.” Moving forward, it is important to remember that HPCG is not changing its name or programs – only its graphic identity.