December 10, 2014

Healing for the Mind and Spirit

Hospice and Palliative care of Greensboro (HPCG) distinguishes itself as a health care provider in many ways. Our dedication to providing outstanding customer service is one of the main reasons for our exemplary reputation in the industry. The expertise and care we give each of our patients are reflected in our patient outcomes, which are high when compared to national averages for hospice providers. While under our care, we teach the patient, caregiver and family how to manage the complicated aspects of their health care journey.

Our interdisciplinary team includes nurses, hospice aides, physicians, social workers, chaplains, bereavement counselors and volunteers. Team meetings allow us to accommodate our patients’ individual needs and preferences with our experienced staff. Our commitment to providing exceptional patient care and superior customer service penetrates every aspect of HPCG, from our clinical staff to our day-to-day activities.

While Medicare requires all hospice agencies to conduct regular interdisciplinary team meetings to facilitate collaboration within the team and to coordinate holistic plans of patient care, we have learned that our interdisciplinary team meetings paint a vivid picture of the patient and how each of us is part of the continuum of care. Although a cure may no longer be the patient’s goal, we can still work to provide healing for the mind and spirit. We have learned that hospice is hope. It encourages independence as long as possible, while the patient remains at home with their loved ones.

Whether it is the healing of relationships, the pain of physical symptoms or the overwhelming isolation of a life-limiting illness, hospice is an opportunity for healing. When patients are supported by an interdisciplinary team of skilled specialists and volunteers, the last stages of life can become a comfortable and treasured time of new hope and healing.

Often, the patient’s physical, psychosocial and spiritual suffering can be relieved through effective collaboration among the team and family members. They form a caring community in which patients can find new meaning, restored integrity and a dignified close to life. And together, we will discover how to capture life’s most important moments.